Monday, September 23, 2013

the nudist camp!

I am thoroughly convinced.  I am REALLY ticked off at Eve.  If she hadn't tempted Adam with that apple, I could be attired in the outfit that I most enjoy...the outfit in which I am most comfortable...the outfit with which god sent me into this birthday suit!  Can you tell I just took off my daily clothes and breathed a sigh of relief?  For you visual imagists, I will assure you that I am not sitting buck naked at the computer. (Stop that giggling!  Stop it right now!)  I have on the least restrictive item of clothing I own--a robe of many colors--a marvelous gift from my wife.  (I have often thought of changing my name to Joseph whilst I am so clad, but that's a different musical altogether!)  I do realize that even if clothing were optional, I would probably dress just to avoid the laughter and ridicule, but...a man can dream!  I realize there are tender parts of the body that need protection.  The feet, for example, would get awfully cold in the South Dakota winter.  I would guess there are other parts that spring to your mind, but I'll let you wander there on your own.  And during the cold, George Costanza had it right!  There's that shrinkage thing.  I would have to buy smaller shoes!  Anyhoo...if social morays change, and climates change, and my sensitivity to laughter changes, who knows.  I may just test the a Speedo!  And if that doesn't make you smile (or outright laugh!), it will at least frighten you to do something about Global Warming!  Run free, and know you are loved!

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  1. OK. I am visual and the images...YIKES! You are NOT a young man. Sorry. Keep the robe on. PLEASE! Thanks for the morning smiles & chuckles. And you, Sir, are well-loved and respected in return. (Not too many would admit to what you have this day.)