Friday, September 13, 2013


takes one of two meanings:  today is the finale of the 2013 KI-YI festivities.  When I taught, I was of two minds (for those of you who have maintained for years I don't even have one, SURPRISE!).  Mind one--the educator.  The entire week was an uproar.  Sequence vanished.  Attention span deteriorated (and probably more for this teacher than his students).  Focus was obviously possible, but not on curriculum.  A colossal waste of time, educationally speaking.  And I know you will find this hard to believe, but I did at times suggest this is how I felt!  Mind two--the educator.  What an amazing way to pull a school together.  Unity of purpose.  Creativity.  Team spirit.  (Never mind the freshmen didn't DARE walk in the senior hall!).  And TRADITION!  We've lost a lot of that, and I think that is sad.  So as I sat outside the Jenkin's care facility with my lovely wife and our aunt watching the parade, I was a bit nostalgic.  Well, until the class of 1983 went by and I knew them!  Then it was real...and real fun.  So...Rock those vans, baby!  Enjoy and support your school! 
Tomorrow is a different kind of homecoming--MY 45th class reunion.  Talk about nostalgic.  For the past week, I have been flashing back.  And no--it's not that kind of flash back.  I haven't done those drugs yet!  I've read the profiles of those who will be there and remember what a PITA I was then.  Of course, no one really knew it.  I was the "good" kid.  But there was that time when a certain young lady and I conspired to drive one of our teachers to the brink.  Seems as how he was quite religious.  It was our junior year.  We wrote love letters to each other and left them lying about for him to find.  You have to understand, this was 1967, so these "torrid" love letters were amazingly tame by today's standards, but they did the trick.  I recall a "I/m really concerned about your soul" discussion between him and me.  Somehow, I managed to keep a straight face!  She will be there!  There was this drop-dead-gorgeous young lady on whom I had an amazing crush.  She will be there.  There was this young gentleman who had a rabbit hutch and we used to sit outside and tell dirty stories (the one about the young English girl coming home from finishing school is still my favorite to tell!).  He'll be there.  And one of the myriad of followers of my blog (you know who you are!  It's relatively easy, since I only have 15!)...she'll be there.  She married one of my classmates!  My senior debate partner will be there.  The amazing lady who sat next to me in band will be there.  My friend the lawyer will be there. My friend the doctor will be there.  My friend the military VIP will be there.  And one of our classmates stated it best.  With the variety of occupations and hobbies we engender, we could make an amazing community.  I'll settle for an amazing evening of reminiscing, libations, and realization that Thomas Wolfe was can go home again!  I'll report back!  And know you are loved!

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