Sunday, September 22, 2013

From left to right:  Red with black stripes, yellow, red, navy, orange, navy and sky blue stripe, yellow, orange, green, orange, burnt sienna, black, red, yellow, pink, white, paisley (!), orange, orange, color block, lime green white, and pink.  And a virtual rainbow of color on the shelves.  Conclusion.  I have too many shirts!  And the frightening fact?  These are the "summer" shirts.  The long sleeve babies are stored!  In all fairness, this is a collection amassed over 25 years, and range in size from medium to 2X to correspond with the amount of fluff I was/am carrying at the time.  Each has been to a myriad of places.  Each has experienced a plethora of events.  (And they said it was impossible to use myriad and plethora in juxtaposed sentences!)  Each has thankfully covered the body beautiful when good taste and the law have so required.  I truthfully and flummoxed as to where the black and white came in.  Must have been in a fit of conformity.  Needless to say, they do not rank among my favorites.  Says something about the way I choose to live my life, doesn't it?  Never having grown out of the "look at me" terrible twos, I believe one's apparel should express a feeling, and obviously, bright, loud, and obnoxious, you'll excuse the expression, fit!  Now, however, I must take it one step further.  Should the situation arise and I am REQUIRED to put a noose around my neck (translate tie), I have one that will go with each of the shirts.  Actually, I probably have two that will go with each of the shirts!  Thankfully, I'm old enough and crotchety enough to be able to eschew ties with a great deal of ease.  They do make a colorful wall, however, hanging there, just waiting for their 15 minutes of wear! 
I guess the point I make is this.  Heck--there really isn't a point other than I like color, I like different, and I like the fact that we all get to choose and get to live with those choices.  The answer to the only remaining question is, orange, with orange, red, blue, and white patterned shorts with a black background.  Oh god, don't get me started on shorts!  Flamboy your way through life, and know you are loved!

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