Sunday, September 29, 2013

Urban legend

Men and women cannot be friends.  There of necessity must be some sexual overtones to any relationship involving an xx and an xy!  To this, I would say bovine feces!!!  What then would be necessary to disprove this myth?  First, a man must have a confident, secure spousal who recognizes the complete and undying love she has in her husband.  Or perhaps she could just recognize that no one else would want the jerk!  Then, the xy must discover xx's who are secure in their persons enough to to share their true thoughts with the xy.  Alphabetically, it can get confusing!
I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with four amazing women (and two lucky husbands!). One was the amazing Miss Cathryn of whom I have spoken before.  The other three were a mother, her daughter, and her daughter-in-law.
The mother.  Amazing woman.  Over the age of consent, minimally three times, this woman is witty, charming, intelligent, generous, and just plain fun to hang with.  She is an amazing role model of how to grow old without getting old.  To see her and to watch her is to see a person of great character...and willing to enjoy life!  Can you tell I enjoy the grand dame?  I revel in calling her friend.
The daughter.  Chip off the not so old block.  She holds a position that requires great leadership, great vision, and great patience.  Her people skills rival the greatest of diplomats, her quick and genuine smile engenders trust, and her sense of family is amazingly refreshing!  She shares with all a robust concern for the world around her.  I revel in calling her friend!
The daughter-in-law.  Our hostess for the weekend.  But she couldn't get there by the time we did so she allowed us into her house and her kitchen without a single noticeable concern.  She made us feel welcome and familial.  Her faith and her love of family inspired.  Her generosity (other than the fact she wouldn't let me steal the bean pot) showed no boundaries.  I revel in calling her friend!
The husbands.  Smart enough to recognize how lucky they are.  Strong enough to let the women they love befriend an xy.  And they let me enjoy an adult beverage with them as well.  I revel to call them my friends.
I have been amazingly lucky my entire life...when it comes to women (well, there was that one exception, but that's a different blog at a different time!).   Raised by Ms. Lucy.  Brother to Ms Linda.  Married to Ms. Cathryn. Friend to Missy R.  Ms. A.  Ms . B. Ms. C. Ms. D...and with the exception of Q and X, I think I could finish the alphabet.  These women have supported me, chided me, and proved to me that it simply doesn't matter when it comes to friends.  In this case, you can be an XX Or an XY, to be a friend of XY Z!  Know you are loved!

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