Tuesday, September 3, 2013

ode to the mundane

At 2:22, the mind was awake; the body, alas, not in sync
Sweet slumber eluded our Billy last night, affording some time for to think.
Oh try as he may, soporifics were nil, the tv was no help at all
The internet players of bridge were quite rude so off for a run was the call.

Upon his return, the joints they did ache, the breath it was short but alas
Whilst tiring out the body a bit, the mind it was still on full gas.
You see, in the morning, presenting was due and timing was first thought in line
10 minutes they said would be what he did have. 10 minutes?  That's simply and truly not fine.

Impossibly short for a point to be made, the intros last longer than that
10 minutes it was to be over and done...the chance, as they say, was quite fat.
But up to a challenge (well up any way!) the mind did its thing on its own
Ideas they did clamor around in that void, and seeds of solution were sown.

Scatology was the receptor of choice--now get the ideas in a group
What can you tell this wonderful crowd?  How will you excite them with poop?
The answer quite simple, it popped into head--don't treat them as if they were fools
Share concepts and thoughts and put it succinct--just tell them the primary rules.

Crap happens, it's true as we all can attest; Avoidance a pitiful ruse
Bad things seem to happen to all sad and good, on this you can ask them to muse.
Rule two a bit dicey, straightforward you go, at least at this time that's the plan
Not evenly divided this load full of crap whenever it locates the fan!

Conceptually speaking, the idea was great.  On these I could limit to ten
My hope was that audience make up would be--few women primarily men!
Of course I'm not stupid, my bases I cover...my psyche it gives me a nudge
They'll tolerate you and the message you have if in the end they all do get fudge!

I'm here to report that the speech it went well.  Receptive were they to the speech
It lasted 10 minutes 15 seconds more--that goal I surely did reach
And smiling they were at the end when I said, perception was what they did need
Get up get going recover my plea when crap did creep up and breed.

So now it is noontime and speech it is past, the eyelids are starting to droop
Perhaps when I'm sleeping the mind it will cease continually thinking of poop.
And oh, by the way, there was quite a stir--most smiling and nary a frown
When fudge it was offered to all who were there--you see it was soft--and was brown!

May all your slumbers be joyful and know that you are loved!

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