Monday, September 2, 2013

Bond...James Bond

If you want to stimulate a true controversy, simply ask the question, "Who is the best James Bond?"  The obvious answer is Sean Connery, but there are those aficionados who will proclaim with all certainty, Roger Moore.  Oh sure, you may get a few Lazenby's, perhaps a few Brosnins, and this Daniel fellow of late, but for sheer gut-wrenching, post pubescent excitement, no one touches Connery.  After all, he was the first--the prototype.  Understand--if Ian Fleming wrote it, I read it.  If there's been a James Bond movie, I've seen it.  That, of course, makes me an expert!  And from my lofty position of Know-it-all, I believe I have just put the controversy to rest. 
You may well be asking yourself, what the heck does this have to do with anything--especially on Labor Day?  Following a four hour pontoon picnic with our family on one of the most strikingly gorgeous summer days we have had, my sunburned body was ready for a little light escapism to cap off the day.  Well, it seems as if there was a JB marathon on one of the 230,415 channels on cable tv celebrating today (a correlation that I simply cannot understand) and I managed to find it!  Voila!  I immediately became 14 again.  Never mind the fact that Mr. Bond was a stereotypical chauvinist--a womanizer--a sexist of the highest order.  Never mind that the solutions he found invariably led to the demise of hundreds of human beings.  His quick wit, his clever Q-esque contraptions, and his bevy of beauties overcame those minor peccadilloes.  He was, after all, the good bad boy we all wanted to be.  And of course he always beat the bad guys, got the girl, and left us smiling!  The proverbial happy ending.
Wait...I think I get it.  Every person out there who labors allows us to search for our own happy ending.  Whether they protect us, provide for us, create for us, build for us, feed us, transport us, clothe us, inspire us, heal us, teach get the picture...we are blessed with the opportunity to find that which makes us happy.  There is no way we could exist alone.  It is the hundreds of thousands of workers who toil to make our lives better.  And it is these individuals for whom today exists. 
Clever, these network professionals.  Who would have known how subtle they could be in reminding us to say thanks to the people that make life better?  See how well they have created a tie between and among the entire nation...a Bond, if you will, that should be celebrated!  And I do!  Know you are appreciated and loved!

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