Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Geezers rule, especially when you get to visit the New Theater in Overland Park, Kansas!  As part of our Geezer Groupie experience, we want to see "Fox on the Fairway" last night starring Diane Cannon!  According to the expert on the bus, she is somewhere in her mid seventies!  She didn't look it!  In fact, for a minute I wished I could look like that when I'm that age, and then I remembered Ms. Lucy's careful what you wish for!  (even mom finished sentences with's genetic!).   Should that wish come true, an operation would have to ensue...and several trips to the lyposuctionist!  More importantly, I realized how lucky I am to be in the shape I am.  I can motate.  I have some cognizant ability left.  I can enjoy food with gusto.  And I have the world's greatest family and friends.  I think I'll "settle" for what I have and celebrate the good!  And so should you!  ezbz has spoken, and you are loved!

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