Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A few rhetoricals

Why are good habits so hard to make and bad habits so hard to break?

Why does the hair on my head fall out, while the hair on my ears and in my nose grows rampantly?

Why is it impossible to take ice out of the ice-maker and not put at least one cube on the floor?

Where do socks go in the dryer?

Why do sour cream and yogurt have culture?  Do they go to the opera?

Who ever suggested neck ties?

What good is lint?  My dryer must collect it for a reason?

Why does butter make EVERYTHING taste better?

Why does time pass so quickly when you’re having fun, and so slowly when you’re not?

Who do I love?  What do I love?  Where do I love?  When do I love?  Why do I love?  How do I love?  The only non rhetorical question on the page.  You!  The good you do! Wherever!  Always!  It’s the only thing that increases when you give it away!  With all my heart! 

 Rhetoric?  Who needs it?

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