Saturday, October 5, 2013

Geezer bus trip--the "poem"

For all who are geezers, or geezer wanna he's, I strongly recommend a road trip.  It is a hoot!  Below is a doggerel to "prove" my point.  Know you are loved!
Geezers, coots, and fudge to boot!

Day 1
It comes as no surprise I'm sure
For every boy and girly
This group of teachers now retired
Allows us to leave early!

It's on the road to Kansas C
The trip it takes no guts
But what it truly takes my dear
Is callousness of butts!

Missouri valley is stop one
For senior drinks consumed
Another stop the schedule has
My bladder is well tuned

What's that you say?  There is no stop?
We say so what's the dif?
Our coach it is a modern joy
It has it's own small biff!

A treat for supper is arranged
A treat, or so it seems
The ladies come prepared--the norm,
It's beano, tums, and beans!

Then back for rest...rejuvenate
And here the ladies do
A mitzvah for the mem'ry poor...
Hotel?  One letter!  Q!

Day 2
A late start for this group, I'd say
Of this I am quite sure
Our step-on Karen's made the plan
For us, a three hour tour!

Italian is the luncheon plan
Milano's gives us food
Then wander through the Hallmark store
For some the shopping's good.

The evening ends with "young" Dyan
A dinner theatre coup!
At 76 she's lookin' good
Shows what "some work" can do!

She shares a story from her past
On Cary she did pee
Probably it wouldn't work
On Cathy's aching knee!

We head back home for beauty rest
For author, pray it works
Tomorrow we are promised plants
And Truman soda jerks!

Day 3
It's on the bus some earlier
The morning should be nifty
If only we could say we've found
Elusive highway 50!

Botanical the gardens be
The chapel quite serene
The lunch is quinoa carrot soup
And thankfully no bean!

Then on to Independence, MO
But not as planned you see
The congress it has failed to work
but still will get their fee!

But ever diligent our guides
They do as change demands
We once again voice fervent thanks
We're in their caring hands!

At supper time we travel far
For Orleans food that's fried
And music that is soft and sweet
The beignets we have tried

Then back to Q and off to bed
At least that's true for some
Pianos beckon just a few
But we, our day was done!

Day four
The day it starts with baseball league
Along with all that jazz
Then on the road to Leavenworth
To see the things it has

Our timing fine our luck it holds
For on the bus we're dry
The thunder roars, the rain it pours
The storm it passes by!

For lunch the ladies have a plan
A sandwich and a treat
It's truly truth to advertise
That suz's place was sweet

Then tour the town and see the sights
For me 'twill be a thrill
To not end up where I could be
That's Peckerwood the hill!

The Harvey girls do serve us meal
And barbershoppers sing
Then through some neighborhood we roam
To Lied lodge bus does bring!

Day 5
This morn we take the scenic route
To orchard for a ride
The hay is spread with plastic bags
So we are dry inside!

The afternoon it's Tammy's turn
The trees she does explain
Enthusiasm reigns supreme
True teaching is her game.

Then back to apples and to trees
Around the grounds we go
The weather we appreciate
For back at home it's snow!

The evening's plans gang aft aglae
As best laid plans will do
The weather truly calls the shots
For us it's nothing new!

Day 6
We're on the bus, we're heading home
But oops we hit a snag
The numbers with the lodge don't gibe
So Pat will stay and hag (gle).

But we, we're off to do our deed
The sky is bright, not dark
And we will fauna, flora see
From Lewis and from Clark.

And then toward home the bus does go
To weather quite unsure
But we? We hearty people be
Dakotans true and pure

And when we lay us down to sleep
We'll know it's not a myth...
It's not the journey nor the end
It's who you travel with!

So thanks to all our traveling mates
We think you're very dear
Let's mark those calendars right now
To go again next year!


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