Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Musically speaking

I truly believe we are all born with at least one song in our heart, and our purpose in life is to bring that song to life, whether orally, instrumentally, or for the truly gifted, both. Early in our lives, that music is quick paced (allegro), at times in short bursts (staccato), and usually quite loud (forte fortissimo!)  We voice strong opinions.  We yield all sorts of instruments, and we sometimes lose focus on the melody. Discord occurs frequently, and at times, we even let other people prevent us from sharing our song.  Some, for unknown reasons, refer to this youthful period as the best years of our lives.  Talk about dissonance!  As we age, the song becomes more melodious.  We find someone to add their harmony, and we go from a simple melody to a complex union of voices.  Sometimes, humorously, we sing our own songs…at the same time.  Sometimes, when the moon is in the seventh hour, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, we choose to sing the same song.  When in unison, the notes ring clear and true.  When in harmony, the depth of that song resonates in the souls of the performers and the listeners.  Then, if we are lucky, the duo becomes a group, and more voices add even more interest.  What started out as a simple melody or harmony becomes an opus of notes blending and changing the world around us.  Now here’s the point.  Most of the musicians with which I hang are slightly long in the tooth.  Our rhythm is slower.  But our zest is greater.  We have seen the folly of acting on discord.  We have seen the uselessness of stifling someone else’s song. We have found that while we don’t perform as much music as we used to, what we do perform is amazing in its complexity and its simplicity.  What used to take hours can now take days.  What used to be urgent is now when we get to it.  And what used to be necessary is truly optional.  I think we have found ways to live, to sing, to play at our tempo.  We are an awesome sound.  Even if we are ritard(ed)!  So picture me at the piano, finding most of the right notes.  Hear me singing in a small range, the song of my life.  And hope that our songs will at some time mesh into an amazing orchestration.  For you see, even though we’re slower, we more likely to find the key…to harmony! Know you are loved!

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