Sunday, October 27, 2013


Nap.  Siesta.  Resting of the eyes.  Momentary pause.  40 winks.  Whatever you call it, I’m all for it!  It has been a busy day.  The kind I like.  Get things done.  Talk a little.  Play a little.  Pick and clean a little.  Cook a little.  Eat a lot!  And now, with a full belly and little on my mind, it’s time!  Find the recliner.  Put my feet up.  Turn on some idiotic offering on the boob tube.  Pretend to watch, as I slowly but surely become comatose!  Ah the regenerative power of the nap. When I awaken, I’m sure I’ll be ready to find my way to bed, completely relaxed and ready for a full night’s sleep.  There’s only one thing left to do before that.  You are loved, and I’m zzzzzzzzzoning out!

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