Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ode to the mundane part 2

The washer works, the dryer spins
The sewing table holds the pins
The water heater uses hose
For liquid warm to wash my toes
The pilot light lets burners flame
The oven works because of same
The cable gives some options sweet
And phone allows me text and tweet.
Commode does flush, the sink is near
To wash away the fear!
The car will take me where I need
If it's the Neon, not with speed!
The lawn looks good because of mower
I only wish it would grow slower
Sometimes me thinks I do forget
How nice it is with things that let
Us live in comfort and enjoy
The simple things that we employ
So when it's tough to find a smile
Reflect, give thanks and rest awhile
Perhaps to prove that we are sane
We'd sing the paeons of mundane!

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