Thursday, October 24, 2013

To spelling

Clever!  I'm going to be clever!  I carefully choose my words.  I work up to the highlight of my cleverness.  I humorously work in the pinnacle of my cleverness, double checking the spelling lest I inadvertently offend.  I copy it.  I paste it on the blog.  I check quickly again to be sure everything looks right.  I post.  I wake up this morning and am curios to see if it has been read.  And then I notice.  Somewhere through the magic of technological spell checking, my humor has changed from a clever play on words to be politically incorrect!  Not being Bill Mahrer, I am chagrined!  The word is spelled with an "I" not an e.  It's that way on my draft.  Ritard (to gradually slow down, musically).  If my computer has offended, I sincerely apologize.  The error has been corrected, and a lesson well learned for this author!  And you?  You are loved!

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