Monday, October 28, 2013

To you, my friend

And the seasons, they go round and is with tears that I just finished reading an e-mail from a friend who has decided the time has come to accept the end of her seasons and entered hospice care, with an emphasis on pain control.  I understand the tears are selfish.  I will miss her smile, her quick laugh, her constant concern for her friends, and her ability to make a difference.  She was a phenomenal teacher and continues to teach me how to retain dignity when confronted with challenges, like how to give to those around us, like how to recognize what lies in our best interests.  To know her is to love her...and respect her.  And I have to disagree with Mr. Thomas.  With any luck at all, my friend, I truly hope you can go gentle into that good night!  As for the rest of us, may we remember to tell the ones we love that we do.  I know, I do you.

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