Thursday, October 3, 2013

I love food!

This will come as no surprise to anyone.  I do not eat to live...I live to eat!  And trips do not count as normal "try to eat healthily" episodes.  Unfortunately, this is our second trip in less than a month, so frequent flier miles are not the only thing I am amassing.  But ask yourself this question.  Confronted with beignet and hush puppies, dirty rice and creamed crab over chicken breasts, would you opt for a green salad?  If you answered that rhetorical question yes, we need to talk!  Upon arriving home, I will grudgingly atone for my sins.  I will commit to the two months necessary to remove the padding it only took me five days to accrue.  I will run.  If possible, I will bike.  I will eschew carbs and mainline cole slaw! And all the while, I will be flashing back to anything deep fried!  That being said, I look to the bright side.  We have three days before we get home!!  Life IS good or as Hallmark says, "Life is a special occasion", and you are loved!

1 comment:

  1. I would eat everything you mention. And the salad - just to maintain my pride and sense of decency. And you a loved, too.