Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Live in the neithernors

For some reason, not readily discernible to me, I have been called a Pollyanna!  Go figure!  Since I have always been a slave to the thoughts of others, I have decided to alter my life style.  Below, you will find my negative self establishing three new rules by which to live.  Since no is the opposite of yes, and neither the opposite of either, welcome to my no no's, or as the title (do people actually read titles?) suggests, my world of neithernors.

1)  Neither a saint nor a sinner be.  Saints have absolutely no fun!  Being "good" all the time may earn you the respect of those around you,  may liken you to someone's mother named Teresa, and may perhaps grease the skids into heaven, but you will find your friends are limited, your enjoyment of life hampered, and while you may not live longer, life will be so boring it will seem like an eternity.  On the converse, while sinning is much more fun, a steady dose of it rots the soul, depresses those around you, and if you so believe, will earn you an eternity of damnation.  (I have only had one minister convince me I didn't want to go to hell.  He maintained that hell was eternal solitude.  I was good for a week!)  It's like dieting.  Salads, fruits, and vegetables will do your body good.  A piece of pie will do the soul good.
2)  Neither a Republican nor a Democrat be.  I HATE labels.  I also hate the fact that the party system, as I knew it as a boy, no longer exists.  There are no moderate positions.  I have always despised choosing a party and believing it had the only answers.  Instead, I look for the thinkers, the doers, and the concepts that seem logical  to me.  Vote for the idea...the concept...and the ability of the person to represent you...NOT the party to which he/she belongs
3)  Neither an exerciser nor a couch potato be.  I've come to the conclusion that excess musculature development is as ugly as excess avoirdupois!  Studies show that activity is good both for the mind and the body.  So is rest.  Up time and down time are necessary ingredients for every individual.  That would  be both--not one to the exclusion of the other.

By now you have discerned a pattern (and if you haven't I'm about to beat you over the head with it!).  I'm positively convinced that the only rule for living is this: Moderation in all things.  As Miss Loosewheel used to say, it's okay to visit pity city but you don't want to move in.  Negativity has its place, so does Pollyanna.  And I have now exercised the former and shall return to my natural state.  Do good, but sin a little.  Think, then vote, and follow up your daily walk with a good book!  In short, balance your life.  And know that you are loved!

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