Thursday, October 17, 2013

The physician

There are people in our lives who impact the ebb and flow. Parents.  Educators.  Friends.  I often speak of these with the respect and reverence each deserves.  And yet, I have been remiss not to mention a Dynamic Duo who have always gone above and beyond the norm when it comes to doing their job—a twosome that has supported, diagnosed, and healed us for several years.  They did it for my parents. They did it for Cath’s parents.  They have done it quite literally for hundreds like us.  I speak today of our family doctor and his able side-kick, the omnipresent, omniscient nurse.  They have seen our families through innumerable crisis situations.  They have always had time to answer questions, to provide necessary medical treatment and to make us feel special.  They have treated the person each of us is with dignity and respect, while providing the necessary procedures and medications to meet our health needs. During this last experience with the torn meniscus and its accompanying glitches, a simple call has yielded immediate action.  How often can anyone say their doctor took time from his/her busy schedule to be concerned enough to ask to see a patient who was having questionable effects?  Not, “make and appointment to see me” but, “stop up as soon as you can and we’ll work you in.”  The treatment for the patient’s concern is deemed as important as the treatment for the condition.  And when we traveled this summer, what doctor would give a patient his home number in case something should reoccur while we were thousands of miles away?  Hopefully, the answer to that last question is all of them.  But maybe not.  So today, my thanks go to the DD that continue to continue…that treat each of their patients with a familial concern and a calming hand.  I hate to say this, but the time will probably come when they decide to retire.  I hope so.  They deserve it.  I hope not.  We respect and rely on them!   We have been blessed with our choice of physicians.  The world has been blessed with these two. Kim and Eunice, I won’t mention names.  I will simply say thanks…again!  Today especially, you are loved!  And so are the rest of you!

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