Friday, October 18, 2013

AM Beauty

To me, there is something inherently appealing in a morning glory!  The way they greet every morning with their blues, whites, scarlets, and purples.  Their ability to thrive in small areas.  Their strength to take root and grow, clinging to whatever is available.  For the last two months, the side of our garage has welcomed each day with a melody of color, ever extolling the start of another adventure.  You couldn’t look at them and not start the day with a smile.  Until last night.  It got cold.  Real cold.  Today, what was once beauty and joy is dead leaves, dead flowers, and am amazing morass of vines which need to be removed from the lattice work.  Those little buggers can twine, let me tell you.  In one area of our not-so-new, not-so-sturdily built garage, they even worked their way under the siding and loosened it, so that when I delicately was removing the vines (yeah, right!), the siding came with the vine.  Grab hold of one of the vines, and you could end up with 15 feet of former stem.  Or, as was more often the case, 1-2” of stem so you had to go between each strip to remove it.  Several times, words thought to be the privy of long time sailors escaped by lips. But it is done.  And the lattice work is white, and clean, and awaiting next spring.  And I am reminded that life is a combination of growth and beauty and death…and in the case of morning glories, rebirth.  And in the case of seasonal adjustment, finding a reason to revel in each part.  There is something really appealing about empty lattice.  Next spring we will begin again!  But now, it’s time for it to host another melody.  This time…Christmas carols!  Know you are loved!

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