Friday, October 11, 2013

The ring neck

Being a non hunter, you may well wonder why I would write about a pheasant?!  The answer is simple.  I live in South Dakota.  Pheasant hunting is big business.  While I do not personally understand the allure, I am thrilled that others do.  You see, while most out of state hunters take their birds home with them, in state hunters can be a reliable source of gratuitous birds.  (Actually, I don't think the birds show any gratitude at all, but that's understandable.). I, on the other hand, do, because free pheasant means pheasant chowder, and this is a very good thing!  in fact, tomorrow evening I will be teaching a class in how to make pheasant chowder!  You see, Lake Area Tech has started a new program called Community U.  It's an amazing program to allow the community to experience different events and classes for the mere cost of $5.00  Do you want to learn about geocaching?  Take the class.  Do you want to know when you should trim your trees?  Take the class.  Do you want to learn how to recycle your used furniture?  Take the class.  A way to encourage life-long-learning!  And this is good.  As for the ring neck pheasant?  Take the class!

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