Friday, October 4, 2013

Life long learning

A concept which I have espoused since I started teaching.  I've never been. "Just the facts" kind of person.  I understand (or at least I have convinced myself that I do!) the need for some memorization...whan that aprille with the sura sota...(that would be the first line of Canterberry Tales, in Middle English...something that has served me innumerable times in my life...not!)...I truly believe it is the process.  The ability to commit things to memory is more important than the things!  My goal as an educator was always the process, not the stuff.  It is for this reason that I truly believe the need for performance assessments.  Don't TELL me what you know.  SHOW ME!  And as I age, this becomes so much more important.  The things I learn now need to be performance based!  Show me HOW to do something.  Example...I already know how to make pie crust...flour, salt, fat, and liquid.  But I have recently learned how to make it better.  Substitute vodka for water.  That only becomes learned when I process...I actually make it!  And you know what?  It works.  Just knowing it is okay.  Doing it makes it real!  Of course, you understand this soap box has been ascended while traveling with a group of sixty, seventy, and eighty year olds who ARE lifelong learners.  All former education professionals, or closely related to one.  And all who have showed me the need to experience the concept.  We just came from wine tasting!  Now tell me, how would I have known I didn't like Eidelweiss wine if I didn't process????  Hopefully, you will continue to perform, and remember you are loved!

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