Sunday, October 20, 2013


When I was young(er), the benchmark of social eminence was driving a Cadillac.  The size alone made sure you had control of the road at your fingertips.  And then, there was the legendary ride.  Smoooooth!  As I chronologically advanced (remember, I am forbidden to use the terms "grew up" or "matured"), the caddy became passé, a true indicator of age.  Only rich old farts drove caddy's.  We young, hip, with-it types fell in love with the muscle cars.  Who could possibly choose a caddy over a 1967 Mustang?  Get real.  So, I'm driving down the road the other day, pull along side of this pearl white vehicle in my current muscle car (a 1995 Neon--one-owner with 47000 actual miles) and say out loud to no passengers in the auto, "Nice car!"  Yup, it was a caddy!  I have missed the jump from muscle to comfort!
You could well be asking yourself, what's incongruous with that.  The answer is nothing.  I just thought it was an interesting sidelight!  The incongruity lies in my morning run.  Well, to be truthful, at the end of the run.  As I was on my cool down lap, I noticed a young man standing behind his Cadillac, carefully removing something that was apparently marring the look of his automobile.  As I got further along, I noticed he had been applying duct tape to the trunk to hold it down!  And he was smoothing it out so it had no wrinkles.  Duct tape.  On a Cadillac?  It's just not right.  But apparently effective.  May all your cars fit your needs, and may each of you be blessed with your own roll of duct tape!  You are loved!

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