Sunday, October 6, 2013

When I come back....

--I want to come back as a chipotle pepper.  They have an amazing ability to add a phenomenal taste to the end product AND spice it up a little as well.  Wouldn't it be nice to have that said about you?
--I want to come back as a dog in the Zubke household.  Then I could pee on the floor and be forgiven.
--I want to come back as a set of Mardi Gras beads  Think about it!
--I want to come back as an internet provider  I could REALLY tick you off but you would continue to pay for me!
--And on that same note...I want to come back as a politician.  Same reason as above!
--I want to come back as a Kleenex in the pocket of a pair of pants that isn't discovered before it goes into the washer.  Then I could turn myself into hundreds and hundreds of little reminders!
--and I hope I do, I hope to remember what is important.  It ain't things.  It ain't money.  It ain't fame.  It's all about the choices we make in the people we trust.  Nothing can equal the impact those choices make on the rest of our lives.  I have been AMAZINGLY clever in my choices (translate "clever" to lucky!) and understand how blessed I am.  Hopefully, you can say the same.  Because you are one of my choices.  And you are loved!

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  1. I hope Monday was a better day. Hugs to you BZ!