Saturday, November 23, 2013

A new definition

Overkill:  noun: amount of food per order at Cracker Barrel in Springfield, Missouri!  Just finished lunch...actually just finished eating enough for four people.  Had the chicken fried chicken (have you ever realized that if they bread it and deep fry it, it really doesn't matter what "it" is?).  It came with corn bread, biscuit, butter, and three (3) sides!   Being low on carbohydrates, I had sweet potato, dumplings, and pinto beans.  Well, not true.  These three were served.  I tasted each but there was enough left to feed an army!  Usually, I'm not a "wow, why would you serve that much food" kind of guy, but this?  This was amazing in its excess! I guess the only solution is unbutton the pants, loosen the belt, and suck it up!  Maybe I'll just have a salad for supper.  Or not!  I am sated, and you are loved!

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