Thursday, November 21, 2013


It is the night before the "Grand Experiment"!  Tomorrow morning we board the bus as host and hostess for the KXLG trip to Branson.  Our prime directive?  Have fun!  This is the kind of gig I could get used to!  But being gone for five days carries with it it's own set of rewards.  First, it means we will miss the annual fund raiser for Lake Area Tech, and we have donated an auctionable item...soup and bread and pie for eight...four different times this winter!  The display was to be set up by 5:00 this afternoon, so had to bake a pie and make a loaf of sourdough bread to use.  Side note...pumpkin pie is better with sugar!  Thankfully I tasted it before it had been in the oven and had to pour the filling out, add the sugar, and refill the crust.  The pie will taste good, but it will win no prize for appearance!  Then there was the laundry to do, the packing to do, the cutting and plating of the fudge...and bridge to play tonight!  After all, there are priorities!  Likewise, the puppies have to be prepared for their five day stay at the vet, so had to wash their beds, get their food and medicine ready, and pet them a little extra!  Thank god for a good vet and familiar staff!  Now, it's time to sleep and dream of Christmas shows, Irish tenors, and stories suitable for telling to a mixed audience.  Of all the tasks, the last one will be the hardest!  Needless to say (don't you just hate that phrase?  If it is truly needless, why say it?) the "have fun" part sounds better and better.  The mini shall accompany me, so for the next five days, I shall be your "foreign" correspondent!  Rest well in preparation for our trip, and know you are loved!

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