Wednesday, November 6, 2013


It's quiet in the house this morning.  No, I have not lost my voice. The dogs are at the beautician, so we can leave the basement door open, take down the "don't pee in here" and "don't go up those steps" fences, and watch people across the street without being raucously reminded they are there.  In short, it sucks!  What an integral part of our existence.  It's difficult to explain how eight legs can worm their way into your hearts so completely.  Since we held them in the palms of our hands 15 years ago, the have amused, befuddled, angered, and unconditionally loved us.  At 15, their bladders are not what they used to be.  Sometimes they forget outside.  I'm old.  I can relate.  They don't see well.  They can't hear.  They eat and sleep...and love us.  I can relate.  I hope someone feels that way about me when I'm their age!  Give thanks today for those who love you, and put me on your list!

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