Monday, November 11, 2013

The wee things

It is the little things in life that make it worth while.  For example, today was our virginal Costco membership experience.  We had lusted after our friends who always mentioned this and that came from Costco, and we felt somewhat deprived of the possibility of that excitement.  Well, with a quick trip to Sioux Falls, that is no longer the case.  Observation...what you don't have is always more appealing than what you have.  While an entertaining excursion, it was not the epic event for which I had anticipated.  Besides which, they don't carry Crystal sugar (the brand of choice for fudge) so we had to stop at Sam's club anyway.
Example number two.  Crystal sugar was $2,00 cheaper a bag than when I last purchased!  SCORE!  Life as we know it is fantastic!  100 pounds later (that would be pre-fudge weight), we are headed home.
Example number three.  Proof once again it's not the destination nor the's with whom you travel.  What could beat a day out with mi esposa and her sister?  All in all, I give thanks for the little things!  And the big things, like you, my limited yet faithful readers!  You are loved!

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  1. Interesting...Costco offered a membership here at senior camp and I, too, signed up as I have 'lusted' after what so many friends have exalted for 9 years. I have not, as yet, made my virginal journey. We too shall see...
    Funny how that happens...greener grass...