Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Happy birthday to you.  Happy birthday to you.  Happy birthday dear Annette.  Happy birthday to you!  Who’s Annette, you ask? The most precious of things.  A friend.  We were co-workers.  She allowed me to share her family.  She and her husband have raised three of the most delightful young gentlemen you could hope to meet.  For several years, we shared a room at school, our plans and hopes, and a relationship built on trust and admiration.  Oh, yeah, and she bowled part time, too!  We have spent hours laughing.  We have spent a few moments crying.  We have solved the world’s problems on more than one occasion.  No one ever asked!  She is the only person for whom I have ever substituted.  Please be advised, there really are no friends that could convince me to do that again.  It’s probably her fault that I run.  (Okay, even the best of friends have flaws!)  And to prove her awesomeness, she reads my blog!  Now that is true friendship.  This is an excellent time for an exhortation.  Get up off your resting rumps, go to your phone, or your computer, or your paper and pencil, and take a moment to tell a friend how they help make your life complete.  It doesn’t have to be their birthday.  It doesn’t have to be a special occasion at all. Make their day!  Tell them you love them.  As I love you!

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