Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Another bus trip, another rhyme

Once again, the rhyming old fart has traveled, and the result appears below!  Wish you could have joined us!

It's been five days, they've quickly passed
We've done a lot and done it fast.
In miles to go, it's just a few
The perfect time for quick review.

A Friday's day, 11/22
We board the bus, this motley crew
And head on down the road due south
We've got some age, oh shut my mouth.

We eat and drink and sleep a bit
Let driver dan work while we sit
An evening spent at drury keep
Overland Park is where we sleep.

Day two

Then back on road to Branson head
We stop for nuts!  That's what I said
You would have thought; it's not that tough;
On bus like this we had enough!

O'donnell, Dan, is where we start
It's ballads true straight from the heart
Then arrow pierce for evening show
True energy through them does flow
(Recap is fine, the day will do
We sing it's praise...hono lulu!)

Then off to bed perchance to sleep
Whilst mem'ries dear, of songs we keep
On day the next an extra treat
No doubt in mind it will be sweet!

Day three

It's up and gone, no pow!  No bam!
We've lots to learn.  Can you say dam?
Then on to taste the fruit Devine
In bottled form they call it wine.

Then tenors twelve, this afternoon
Some listen well, some just do swoon
For me the highlight I would note
Alleluia truly floats my boat!

Clay Cooper rounds the ev'ning out
With cast quite large, Life's all about
Just having fun!  enough's been said
It's time to rest my little head.

Day four

We say goodbye with fam'ly Brett
More Christmas need?  Well don't you fret
This family rocks! They're out of sight
For me?  Goose bumps!  O Holy Night.

At Evans Bob we stop for lunch
'Twas more than just a lucky hunch
To know who ate the last pot pie
Jimbo's his name now he must die!

Salvation looms, I have no pride
The fact is this, I will not hide
One of our group did leave some crust
I snitched a bite, now that's called trust!

Back on the bus and headed north
The sky is gray, no rain comes forth
We must be full, I hear no peep
A perfect time for all to sleep!

But two more stops are ours to use
Cheese and chocolate do bemuse
Our myst'ry tour does prove it's worth,
Our wallets light...increase our girth

Then supper stop...instinct feral
Replenishing...Cracker Barrel
The off we go, with stomach full
But pie is nice, that ain't no bull!!

Day five

The carpet red does see us off
To comfort inn our hats we doff.
With mem'ries fond, it's off we roam
The end result is home sweet home

That brings us here...full circle done
Ere off the bus when all will run
Our voices raise within the ranks
To Shirley, dan we give great thanks

For safely getting us around
For planning things:  for lights and sound
For making this a time of joy
For every girl and every boy

And to bus comrades, now our friends,
May you find peace that never ends
Good trip?  No myst'ry to unravel
It all depends with whom you travel!

It's with great truth, no jokes no pranks
That in this season of great thanks
KXLG, the Zubke's too
With heartfelt joy say we love you!

Honolulu, and Happy travels!

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