Saturday, November 16, 2013

open door policy

I have always believed in the open door policy.  If you want access to me, you got it.  Thankfully, I also have embodied the same policy when it comes to thoughts.  My mind is always open to new ideas.  I'm pretty much willing to try anything that doesn't go against my set of values and or my desire to stay alive.  I've always considered this an admirable trait.  It is with sadness that as I have aged, the concept has not changed, but the direction things are headed has.  There are simply more things that have gone out that open door than come in!  As I am fond of saying, I have an amazing memory.  It's really short!  Tell me a name and if I don't use it at least five times, I won't remember it.  I've even tried association.  That can really get you into trouble!  Just today, I had a friend request on Facebook.  Contrary to my wife's supposition, I really don't just say yes to everyone who wants to be my friend.  I have to at least have an inkling of who they are.  (That pretty young thing from Madagascar was tempting, but I couldn't figure out where I might have met her, and I'm not sure it was my friendship she was after.)  Anyhow, I had to message back and sorrowfully ask her who she was when I might have known her.  So Judy, I apologize, but Judy nee who?  I've not gotten to the point yet where I forget where I live, although at times I'm willing to be Cath doesn't think that's an attribute!  Ah, the joys of modern maturity!  There are, however, things that I will never forget.  The fact that I made a living doing what I loved.  The fact that I married and would do so in a heartbeat again the woman that I love.  The fact that I have an amazing support group of familials whom I love.  And that too are loved.  Since I won't forget it, you had better not either!

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