Saturday, November 2, 2013

If the weather allows

You have to understand the rules. Some of them are inviolate:  Like, only putting up and taking down Christmas decorations when you can do it in shorts.  51 degrees.  This was a put up the trees outside kind of day. 16 really motley looking artificial trees soon to be adorned with festive lights now adorn the backyard.  They are different sizes, different shapes, different colors, but they all do one thing:  remind me that it's that time of year...You know, when it's okay to eat too much and drink a little and have fun.  For those of you who know me, you know that I am a Christmas junkie. I love the season I love the lights I love everything about the season.  I always have. I hope I always will.  The Pollyanna in me celebrates the fact that this is truly the time of peace on earth good will toward men.  Every once in a while cynicism tries to creep in and I wonder if it's even possible.  But then I listen to the music, look at the decorations, think of the possibility, and know deep in my heart that we are capable!  Sure hope tomorrow is nice.  There are a lot of lights to put up!  And each string is hung with hope and love for you!  Merry decorating!

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