Monday, November 4, 2013

Building the future

There are things that continually amaze me.  Sunrise every day.  The love of an amazing woman.  The power of friendship.  And the fact that anyone can use power tools to create works of art.  Whilst we we engaged in crossword puzzling this morning, a pickup arrived and two young men dropped off four saw horses.  When we came home from bridge this afternoon (have I ever mentioned how much we love retirement?), we had an amazing new entry deck, almost totally completed.  Had I been the constructor, we would still be at the saw horses!  It amazes me how often I am retaught that it doesn't matter how smart we are but how we are smart!  And let me tell you, these guys are amazingly smart!  Drive by and see if you agree, and always remember we all have talents we need to share with the world, and you are loved!

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