Monday, November 25, 2013

The joys of technology

As an elder statesperson (rough translation, old fart) I find myself more connected to those around me.  When I can find it and remember to turn it on, I'm never more than a quick chorus of  "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" away from that extremely important phone call.  As long as I can figure out how to connect to wi-fi, those incredulously important updates are at my fingertips!  Those would be two pretty large ifs!  I'm more than skeptical most of the time about what this technology is doing to our social and communications skills.  It's like an addiction.  If I can't check Facebook, I'm upset!  But then the debater in me clicks in and I realize there are two sides to every issue.  For example, Cath just found a turkey recipe for gourmet club and through screen shots, links, and a twitter account, it now resides on my computer.  I must remember to write her an e to thank her for it.  Oh wait, she's sitting right next to me.  I can just call!
Talk to someone today.  Jot them a snail-mail note.  Or just go for coffee.  Put it on your Google calendar!  And both in cyber space and real time, know you are loved!

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