Monday, November 18, 2013


I am thoroughly convinced.  If there were a perfect food, it would be pizza!  It combines all the necessary daily recommended food pyramid options...bread, meat, cheese, and grease.  And if there were a perfect pizza, it would come from Papa John's take and bake.  The price is right.  The ingredients are right.  Did I mention the price?  Those of you who have followed the roller coaster ride of my low carb dieting will realize that pizza is not on the list of acceptable edibles.  That's what makes it so darn good.  A little "you shouldn't have this" increases the enjoyment factor of almost everything.  It must explain the phenomenon that good girls like bad boys.  I heard that on TV.  (It's amazing what you learn from Dr. Phil while channel surfing!). Anyhow, with a ball of dough in my belly, grease on my fingers and a smile on my face, i am prepared to sit back and enjoy a different type of guilt pleasure.  Bring on those dancers, Mr. Bergeron!   And even in a state of sated gluttony, know you are loved!

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  1. You're a DWTS fan??? Who would have guessed! One of my favorites, for well as pizza! Ate at a CiCi's Pizza for the first time tonight. $5 buffet is hard to beat! (but love PM when we are home.)