Friday, November 15, 2013

Just another day

It was one of those days that just evolve.  Had to take the car in to have the new mirror attached (sorry, the leopard duct tape is gone!).  Discovered the brakes were "metal on metal" so we have new brake pads.  Also discovered the "rough idle" required new plugs.  Hey, the car company employees have to eat, too, right?  Then it was off to buy potatoes for lefse tomorrow.  Lunch ensued and then it was home to boil.  Potatoes are riced and cooling for the extravaganza tomorrow.  Supper was furnished be Chester's chicken and now it's getting ready for replenishing sleep time.  Funny, putting it down in words, the day doesn't seem so full.  Maybe getting older does slow one down?  But it was a day of life and love, so it was good!  And you?  You fall into the love part!

1 comment:

  1. I totally get your post. I (we) are so often asked what do we do all day here at senior camp. It is hard to explain how doing 10 mundane things can fill a day. I go to bed tired each night and wake up each morning ready to do it all over again. I LOVE senior a warmer climate, of course. By the way, no one asks me what I do all day when we are home for the summer. Here's a secret: it is often less than what I do each winter day!
    Hey ~ Fill your days with whatever makes you happy! We love you!