Thursday, November 28, 2013

Allow me to introduce...

If you have happened on this blog indiscriminately (you have nothing better to do and you can't believe someone actually does this every day of the year!) or you are one of my few but powerful regulars, I want today to introduce you (reintroduce you) to the city of Watertown. 
If you are lucky enough to have grown up here, upon your departure, I truly believe you left with two things...first, an education that has prepared you to enter the world knowing both what's out there and what isn't, and the ability to reason, mathmacate, discern and in some cases perform.  While we are not the best educational system in the world, we rank right up there with the most caring professionals--from the former student who serves now as superintendent to the educators who teach with a fervor and love for both their subject area and their students.  I can truthfully says I've been there, done that!  I know of what I speak.  Second, you come from a community that cares about you.  The support of all that is Arrow is amazing!  And you don't have to be a Polak (that would be Virg Polak, the largest Arrow supporter of all!) to recognize what that support can do!  Second, you leave with the realization that you can come home again.  Watertown would be/is an amazing place to raise a family.  Thomas Wolfe, eat your heart out!
If you have been lucky enough to come here to further your education, all I can say is wow!  There are only three other two year institutions that can claim they are in the top four in the nation!  LATI deserves both the accolades and the reputation.  The Mount Marty local presence allows for personalization of education and a staff that supports and promotes its students.
If you have been lucky enough to visit here, you would find the world class Terry Redlin Art Museum.  You would find an amazing network of parks.  You would find golf courses, frisbee golf courses, lakes (yes, lakes, plural), and a people who welcome you with a smile, an answer to how to get there, and a willingness to see to your every need. 
But it's the Thanks Giving that most impresses me.  We are a "middle class" community--some would say blue collar.  And yet, every year, we manage to give over a million dollars to charitable institutions.  Drive down highway 212 and notice how close to the top the United Way heart is.  That's $700,000 in giving.  Attend such activities as the Arrow Education Harvest Festival, the Make-A-Wish banquet, or the LATI Festival of the Trees, and you see an amazing number of people opening their pocket books and their hearts for those less fortunate, those deserving individuals.  Listen to the tintinnabulation (Sorry, Mr. Poe) of the Salvation Army Bells at Christmas and notice the smiles on the faces of those who contribute, and you quickly realize we are truly a community that puts its money where its heart is.  I like to say we give until if feels good.  And isn't that what today is all about?  Oh sure, there's the turkey and the pecan pie, but Watertown truly puts its thanks into its giving.
From here?  Just a reminder?  Looking for a place to move?  We're ready.  Looking for a place to visit, we're ready.  Just looking for something different to read, well, you found it!  I'm TRULY THANKFUL for you!  And know you are loved!

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