Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tired and happy

I'm pooped!  Spent the day prepping for and the night cooking for 26 amazing women, most of whom I have known for years!  They belong to a sorority, the name of which eludes me because I am old...and pooped!  I've often spoken of the joy I derive from preparing food for those I love.  Tonight was no exception.  They were witty, charming, and most appreciative.  Of course, I couldn't do it without the aid of my sidekick, Kim!  It's easy to work when someone cleans up after you, finishes tasks for you, and sees to it that all things that should be done, are done.
We did starters and enders tonight.  The start was four different hors d'oeuvres, some spicy, some piquant, some blended, and some simply fillers for crackers and chips.  Then there was the desert...sweet and almondy.  Like life, the combination of different flavors makes for the best experience.  And thanks to all "my" ladies, it was an amazing day!  They, like you are loved!

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