Sunday, November 17, 2013


Other than whilst doing the crossword puzzles, do you ever ponder your muse?  What is it that inspires you?  What is it that motivates you?  For me, it's different things at different times.  There are days, it is MUSEical.  I know every time I hear "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", I think of a particular group of interpers who were largely instrumental in initiating Readers' Theatre as a state interpretation event. This, of course, leads me down memory lane to all the amazing students who were willing to share their talent with the world and let me revel in their glory!  Other days, it's an aMUSEing story or anecdote that takes me into the nether world of humor in the mind of bz.  A really good dirty Johnny story can get me started down a path that most people fear to tread.  Anything clever and I'm ready to listen.  That's why, I think, I'm a sucker for good commercials on the tube.  Sometimes, they are far more entertaining than the drivel I watch, mouth agape, occasionally drooling.  (See blog on hell in the home!)  Sometimes, it's an aMUSE-bouche--a single bite of euphoric delight that tantalizes the palette and stimulates the creative juices.  I could wax poetic about the impact of sea salt dark chocolate covered caramels from Watertown Confectionary!  Give me a bite of really good herring, and I'm ready to write!  Even the MUSE of Mac the Cat giving me hell because I am late feeding him can get me thinking.  Granted, all these conflicting stimuli may at times beMUSE me (no MUSE is good MUSE?), but too much stimulation is better than none at all, right?  Hopefully, whatever your muse, you are willing to share the result.  No fear.  After all, you are loved, and that should take no muse to understand!

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