Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A new choice

One is never without choices.  For example, this winter I could choose to run...or not to run.  I usually chose the former due to increased fat intake and retention so that I could stem the numeric increase on the scale on which I can't cheat!  (diagram that, I dare you!)  With the advent of temperatures over 50, a third choice has been added.  A)  I can run, B)  I can bike, or C)  I can not!  This was a bike option day, and on a comparative basis, biking is a little bit of heaven.  Of course, it IS still exercise, and as such, is somewhat suspect from the get go, but compared to running, it is a gift from god.  Don't get me wrong.  C would still be the choice if I thought it were at all prudent, but eating continues to lure me with its siren song, so I must counter attack in some way!  (My god, Zubke, have you ever heard of a simple sentence?) 
For all you century bikers out there...for all you aficionados of killing yourselves with grueling up-hill-both-ways routes...don't call!  There is a limit to what this body will endure.  However, if you're up to a leisurely trip down the bike path, with interesting conversation and frequent stops, I'm yours!  Unless of course, C wins!  Enjoy whatever makes you happy, and know you are loved!

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