Monday, April 21, 2014

I blame the park and rec department.

Absolutely gorgeous morning.  To atone for my sin of gluttony yesterday, I make the ultimate sacrifice and prepare for a full circuit run.  I am subtly clad in my bright orange shorts and hoody (if I'm going to run, I do so want the whole world to take notice!).  I head north.  Somewhere, around block five, my stomach remembers what was put in to it yesterday and decides that it doesn't have room to store ALL the contents.  Wisely, I head to the privy in the park.  Imagine my chagrin.  Locked.  Thankfully, I am but half a mile from home (okay, it was six blocks).  With intense purpose (and no lack of clenching) I head back south, tear to the basement, and make room for today's comestibles.  (Have you ever heard anyone wax more poetic about their paristalsic reactions?)  Here's the deal.  What was to be three miles was barely one, and I have this rule about running twice in the same day.  It's called sanity.  That means any weight gain incurred can be directly attributed to the P&R's failure to foresee my need and open the crappers for the summer.  It has nothing to do with the ham, roast beef, dressing, gravy, carrots, ice cream cake, or the second serving of those I had for supper.  Let's be fair.  Blame should be placed on anyone but me.  Having established that, it's less to eat and more to exercise in store for me.  I just won't get too far from an unlocked comfort station!  Know you are loved!

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  1. Ha! I'm glad you made it home. D and I were out walking and I saw a person running south towards the park. Perhaps that was you? Now I know why you were running. :-)