Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A question.

What things have the ability to transport you beyond the mundane?  What floats your boat?  What uncorks your bottle?  You know of what I speak.  If you're having "one of those days", what turns it around?  Or better yet, it's an amazing day.  What makes it better?  And what, you might ask, is the precipitor of all these esoteric questions?  The answer lies in a television program!  Last night, while channel surfing, I happened upon Ellen DeGeneres first HBO special.  I was intrigued.  Her timing is impeccable.  Her facial involvement is stunning.  Her topics?  Well, they were honest and hard hitting.  But the amazing thing was, I was laughing out loud!  And the structure was point on.  She started talking about the fact that during a conversation, she had a tendency to wander, and would attempt to "catch up" when she came back on point by mentioning Gloria Estefan!  This, according to Ellen, was a foolproof way to cover her absence of interest.  She finishes the program with a story about a conversation with God.  And when she was about to leave, God says something to her about Gloria Estefan!   Maybe you had to be there.  For me, intelligent humor makes life so much more entertaining.  Okay, any humor makes life better.  Make me laugh and my mood automatically elevates.  When I speak professionally, my first point invariably speaks to the healing impact of humor!  So if you want to beam me up, make me giggle.  If you want our cruise together to be enjoyable, make me laugh!  And should you uncork a bottle or two, the jokes seem to get funnier!  Whatever, give me a slight chuckle, a belly laugh, a loud guffaw, and I'm yours!
By the way, there are more things that make me all a twitter, and I will definitely share them with you...later.  For now, laugh a little and know you are loved!

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