Monday, April 28, 2014

The current state of affairs

My eyes agree; decision reached, they're tired and one's weak
My tooth some years ago was capped, I think it's sprung a leak.
And leak's a truly nasty word when speaking of my bladder
So here's the rub to end all rubs, they say it will get badder!

But bitching and complaining will exacerbate bad mood
And language quick to come to tongue considered really rude
Enjoy the good things as they come, alternative's not pretty
For life's too short to spend much time ensconced in pity city!

I've family up with me will put, a wife who's shown her worth.
For 40 years she has endured my moods, my "jokes", my girth
And friends who make life easier, thank gods who live above
Who needs the eyes, the teeth, and such when one enjoys their love?

Mistakes and errors have I made--from these I've learned a deal
I've found a way to smile at me--and haven't missed a meal
My life ain't perfect I'll admit, but say I now with verve
I'll take it all and thank the lord I've missed what I deserve!

Every story needs a moral.  Mine hangs in our kitchen:
We don't stop laughing because we grow old.  We grow old when we stop laughing!
Know you are loved!

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