Sunday, April 20, 2014

You gotta try it...or not

So, I see this amazing picture of an ice cream cake I absolutely have to try...a combination of ice cream, sherbet, nuts, and in my rendition, some toasted coconut.  Now here's the question.  Does it sound like a three day project?  Well, it was, and the ROI was not great!  It looked great thanks to the marshmallow bunnies and raspberries with which it was festooned.  It tasted fresh, but was impossible to cut in small enough pieces.  As Cath said, a pie takes far less time and tastes just a good...or better.  But if I had never tried it, I would never have known that this was my first and last attempt.  Sort of like life.  Not all our decisions are fruitful in their yield, but I never do anything without learning something.  Today, I learned lemon pie is still a wonderful option!  Try something new this might love what you learn! And know you are loved!

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