Thursday, April 3, 2014

The mundane

Got up.  Did the puzzle.  Drank the coffee.  Played a little bridge.  Went for a run.  Cleaned my kitchen(!) Did some clothes. Had leftovers for lunch.  Watched a DVR episode of NCIS:Los Angeles.  Showered.  Put on same clothes I had on this morning (now clean and fresh thanks to item seven above!).  Last load in the washer.  And it's only one pm!  Truly, a typical day...well, except for that clean the kitchen thing!  I am remiss in that particular duty, but it looks so nice when I finally get it done!  What, you say, makes me think you give a rat's rump about my day?  Perhaps it's because it is in the mundane that we can find our blessings.  We often look for those "defining moments" in our lives...births, graduations, weddings, first jobs, new jobs, new houses, retirement, do just that...define us.  To a degree, they may.  But I have my health, ergo, I got up this morning.  I still can fire up the gray matter, so I did the puzzle.  I am addicted to caffeine, so one caters to the monkey on one's back.  I love to play bridge!  I hate to run, but I hopefully will live longer to enjoy the other things if I do.  Okay, cleaning is a bit iffy.  Washing clothes?  I love how they look and smell, and how I look and smell when they are clean.  Eating?  Come on!  You've got to be kidding.  I run!  I eat more!  Spending time with mi esposa watching a tv show that intrigues us, a joy.  And the shower?  Well I do that for you folk.  It is truly in the everyday items that we can find joy...if we look for it.  Those big events?  They're transient.  The mundane can and should be celebrated every day.  I am blessed.  And you are loved!

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