Tuesday, April 29, 2014

As I sit here

in the man cave, wrapped in a Biederlach, looking out at the trees bending to the will of a strong north wind, I wander to places we have been.  I remember the intolerable heat of Zion, made tolerable by misters and a walk up the Narrows in the river...and smile.  The 40 shades of green (and the Blarney castle and stone) of Ireland warm my heart.  Watching the sun try to shine through the clouds as we sit on the outskirts of Angkor Wat in the early morning hours encourages me to see the beauty around me...despite the clouds.  The volcano erupting in Costa Rica,  the hike on the glaciers in Norway and Argentina, the botanical gardens in Christchurch, center court Wimbledon, and baking my soaking boots in an oven in the Canadian Rockies all remind me how blessed and lucky we have been!  I can put up with a little rain...a little cold...a lot of gray.  The sun will shine again, I will complain of the heat, and we will make more memories to see me through the blahs!  So be it with you, and know you are loved!

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