Saturday, April 19, 2014

On hiatus

It's that time of the day...chores are done (tables are set for the Easter feasting beginning at noon tomorrow) and not quite yet time to put the brats on the grill!  So here I sit in the front porch, listening to the dog barking because she is outside and would prefer to be in.  Of course, she is totally capable of opening the screen door herself (or, as she has proved twice, coming right through it!), but I am convinced she just likes to hear her own voice.  Of course, she may not be able to hear it, so maybe she just likes the feel of barking!  Or since it is her supper time, she might just be hungry!
This will come as no surprise to you, but she won!  She is in, and eating!  Anyhoo, the weather is gorgeous, we have a clean house, I'm about to frost tomorrow's cake, and life is good!  Enjoy the season that celebrates rebirth, and know you are loved!

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