Monday, April 7, 2014

Look out Sioux City

My parents had two children.  My sister and me.  Those two children had three children.  My sister had three.  Those three children have 3 wonderful people with whom they are sharing their lives.  They likewise have among them, 7 children (one with a serious beau).  For the first time in ever so long, we will all converge on one location at one time this weekend.  That would Hilton Garden Inn in Sioux City.  Perhaps I should not mention the location.  There's still time for some crafty person to call and warn them, but I take that chance.  Here's the deal.  We're ALL crazy!  Among us we have several motorcycles, a myriad of tattoos, a penchant for depantsing their uncle in the K-Mart parking lot, a blogger, sports fan(atics) and a wanton disrespect for conventionality!  I've spoken of my parental units before.  W.A. and Miss Lucy would quite frequently roll their eyes, complain bitterly that they NEVER taught us this behavior, and all the while would be glowing in the realization that they have created a family that knows how to love each other and have fun!  So on Friday, my understanding wife and I will jump in the car, head south, and enjoy a weekend that has the promise of greatness.  And I will tie the drawstring on my shorts extra tight!  May you find in your family the same joy we anticipate, and know you are loved!

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