Sunday, April 27, 2014

bz's if/then's

1.  If you think you won't need something, give it away.  The need will quickly come to the surface.
2.  If you think something looks "pretty delicious" and therefore you make it, you will quickly discover that form over substance is not a good choice.
3.  If you think that April 26 should be a nice spring day, you will quickly discover that Mother Nature does not keep a calendar.
4.  If you think the dreadmill is a good form of exercise, you would be wrong.
5.  If you believe that leaving clothes in a dryer overnight won't be a problem, you will discover a new wrinkle on life.
6.  If you think continuous winds above 20 miles an hour for a period of days is not a good thing, you should not live in Northeastern South Dakota
7.  If you think it isn't possible for a dog to suffer from OCD (Obsessive/Compulsive/Dog!), you haven't met Lambchop who only eats a piece of food after turning her head from side to side 15 times before she eats.
8.  If you believe in the innate goodness of all men, God bless you!
9.  If you believe at any time that you are unloved, you are wrong!
10. If you made it this far, then you are to be congratulated!  Life in its very nature is good.  Go forth and return that good!

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