Thursday, April 24, 2014

It is just a rumor...

If you talk to any of my yy chromosomal friends, they will tell you we xy types are babies when we're not feeling well.  That simply isn't true.  A baby can not explain in graphic detail how unfair it is that he has to suffer with the miseries of a cold...or share his dampish Kleenex.  A baby will not whine about every little ache and pain as if he were drawing his last breath.  A baby will not demand to be waited on hand and foot.  A baby will not rationalize that alcohol kills germs so the sure cure for any illness must be a cold Chilada!  And it's darn hard to ignore the whimpering that accompanies each cough or sneeze.  So you see, the comparison just isn't fair or true.  Babies are much easier to care for!  Achoo!  Will someone PLEASE get me a fresh box of Kleenex?  Sniffling and sniveling, remember always you are loved!

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