Saturday, April 5, 2014

It oughta be...doggerel

The robins are chirping, red breasts are their bling
Proclaiming quite loudly, "It oughta be spring!"

Orange shorts I am clad with, sweat pants I do fling
The temp passes forty, it oughta be spring!

In season that's vernal, tulips are the king
Tenaciously growing, it oughta be spring!

The Neon complaining, the engine does ping
It's time for a tuneup, it oughta be spring!

It's forty-one years since I gave her the ring
Romance still does blossom, it oughta be spring!

The weather is changing, I won't miss its sting
I'm ready for planting, it oughta be spring!

By now you should notice the alphabet thing
In order, peculiar, let's hope it's soon spring!

I think it's soon over, from words I do wring
Penultimate rhymer that goes well with spring.

I'm skipping the yang/ying, I go straight to zing
That wonderful feeling to know it is spring!

So throw your eyes upward to heaven above
It's finally, actually, undoubtedly excitedly, stupendously, irrefutably, undeniably maybe here....
and it's you I do love!

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