Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I wish...

that everyone could have sat in on the mock interviews I did with eighth graders this morning.  I think it's amazing that I must have had the cream of the crop!  Each was well dressed.  Each had a fundamental resume and application.  Each was extremely pleasant and easy to interview.  There were so many different personalities, it almost made me wish I were still playing with kids.  Notice, it said almost!  There wasn't a one that I wouldn't have hired.  I truly believe in the adage, "hire the attitude, train the skill."  And with attitudes like this, ezbz fudge could go international!  I believe in performance based education.  Each of these students had to show what they knew and use it appropriately!  What a great lesson, and what great teachers!  Kudos to fact....kudos to all who teach our children!  We are amazingly lucky you do what you do!  Now, for a piece of fudge....  Know you are loved!

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